Since 1999, Solapur Electronics Dealers Association (SEDA) started arranging ELECTRO – the mega exhibition of Electronics, Telecommunication & Home-Appliances products. Realizing the essence of the swift digital age, SEDA felt the need to showcase the variety and innovations launched in the electronics & white goods market for potential buyers.

SEDA Objectives


To foster friendly and healthy relations amongst Electronic Merchants / Dealers and Manufacturers.


 A common platform for the rights to be fought with common interest collectively with Government and other legal Authorities.


To promote business & co-operation amongst persons, firms, companies connected with Electronics Trade and Industries in India and to adopt common policy.

Self Improvement ​

To eliminate unfair trade practices and to elevate the standard of business morale.


To promote and safeguard all the interests of the Electronics Trade and members of the Association.

Self Awareness

To study various rules, regulations and laws for the benefit of the Members and get them amended / altered with the said aim.


To give legal advice to members whenever necessary by our expert Legal panel.

Life Skills

To provide and update information regarding all matters, pertaining to our Business and Public Utility.

Mr. Anand Yemul – President
Hello, one and all with warm greetings for this new year at SEDA. This year I got a very privileged opportunity of becoming a president of the very known association, the Solapur Electronics Dealers Association. With the overwhelming support of the members of the association I am looking forward towards serving to the organization and putting the ‘Extra’ in the ordinary.

Mr. Anand Yemul – SEDA President

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