The year 1984 was the dawn for the electronic business in Solapur city. The reason was LPT – TV centers started by former Prime-minister late Mrs. ‘Indira Gandhi’ in all the major cities of India.

About 15 shopkeepers who were newly entered in this business started to get together to solve their day to day business problems by having meetings etc. The dawn of the year 1997 saw the formation of association ‘Solapur Electronic Dealers Association’ with its 11 founder members working committee.

Gradually the association became very active and the No. of Electronic shops also increased in large. At this time the members saw that there was a need to give a good shape and legalize this formation.

In the year 2001-03 the association became a legal entity and registered under the charitable commissioner office and became a legal entity. Up to this stage meetings used to take place in the members shop or in any hotel place. As the No of members became 50+ the office space was the first need. In the same tenure of 2001-03 the association purchased an office space of around 700 sq. ft in Surana Market Murarji Peth. The office is gradually furnished with air conditioners, lighting , PA system etc. This was possible only with the whole hearted support of our members whose efforts are thankful—monetary as well as physical.

The members gradually increased from 50 to 150+ in a span of 20 years. During this period the association SEDA became one of the powerful associations with maximum member’s effort.

The association does outstanding social, educational, medical and entertainment activities for the members and their staff members.

To summarize the Objects in a nutshell :-

“SOLAPUR ELECTRONICS DEALERS ASSOCIATION, SOLAPUR” is being legally formed, registered Association, intended objectives as advised are in general and as follows :-

1) To foster friendly and healthy relations amongst Electronic Merchants / Dealers and Manufacturers.

2) A common platform for the rights to be fought with common interest collectively with Government and other legal Authorities.

3) To promote business & co-operation amongst persons, firms, companies connected with Electronics Trade and Industries in India and to adopt common policy.

4) To eliminate unfair trade practices and to elevate the standard of business morale.

5) To promote and safeguard all the interests of Electronics Trade and members of the Association.

6) To study various rules, regulations and laws for the benefit of the Members and get them amended / altered with the said aim.

7) To give legal advice to members whenever necessary by our expert Legal panel.

8) To provide and update information regarding all matters, pertaining to our Business and Public Utility.

Board Of Directors